Saturday, 22 November 2014

MASFD School Magazine-December 2014 and latest announcements

Dear Students,

Thank you so much for submitting entries for the school magazine, I think it turned out pretty well thanks to you all. Here's the link so you can view it.
Now for the announcements:

MASFD will probably not be continuing next year, as it is getting to be too much work for all of us teachers to handle (we have our own lives, too.).
We may still post on it sometimes, but will not promise anything, because we're just too busy.
Plus I'm really sick of dealing with people who are complaining about the school being a rip-off and such, when it's only because we haven't had time to be on here much.
Obviously none of us are professional teachers, and as disappointing for you all as that may be, we just can't do it anymore.
We've tried (and failed) a few times now to get the school up and running properly like it used to be, but it's just not working.
People who have enquired about enrolling or being teachers have not been replying to my emails, or following up about it, and often putting the wrong email address in the box so it doesn't work, and it's really just wasting my time.
Thank you to all of you other people out there who have been good students and teachers, your time and effort has really made a difference to this school.
Again, I'm really sorry about this, but I just can't do it anymore.
If anyone has any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will answer as many as I can.
Thank you all so much for being part of our school, I hope you have all enjoyed your time here.

Grades For Your Writing Assignments

Dear Students,
Thanks to those of you who actually submitted a writing assignment (Samantha and Cara).
You were both given the same theme to write about, and I think you did a great job, the stories are completely different, but still follow the same idea. Here are your grades:

First we have Samantha's Story:

Alice got down onto her hands and knees and looked down at her little 7-year-old sister Susie's hand. She was gripping a tree branch growing out of the wide and deep cliff that she had fallen off of. They were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, and there was no one to call for help to. Alice's arm was to short to reach Susie's hand and pull her up. She had to find another way! Alice flipped her head around, eyes darting from the rock there, the bird there, the tree there, when she spotted a long sturdy stick. She ran over and grabbed the stick and ran back over to the cliff and held the stick off the edge where Susie was hanging.

"Grab the stick!" Alice yelled.

Susie shook her head. "If I grab the stick with one arm, my other arm might slip and I could fall down!"

"Well, do you want to stay hanging for the rest of your life?" Alcie said fiercly. Susie shook her head. "Then grab it!!" Alice shouted. Quickly Susie grabbed the stick with one arm, then the other.

"I'm ready!" Susie shouted to Alice. Alice nodded and then pulled on the stick as hard as she could. Susie helped by using her feet to push up on the edge of the cliff. Finally, Susie was up and over, safely on solid ground. Susie smiled at Alice.

"Thank you, Alice. You saved my life! I love you." And she gave Alice a big hug.


Samantha, your story was very exciting, and you did an excellent job of your grammar and punctuation.
You get

Fantastic work!

Next is Cara's version:

Alice Saves The Day
By Cara Jamie Grace

Oncer there lived a girl called Alice and she lived in Richmond with her mother, her father and her sister polly. One fine saturday morning mother said Alice would you like to go to the lolly shop this afternoon? yes please said Alice. well than if you will help me in the vegie patch than the whole family can go together. thank you so much mummy! said Alice. So Alice helped plant a crop of potatoes, pull up carrots and plant seedlings. They finished a few minutes before lunch so mummy said how about we have a quick shower and change and then we can all go out for lunch. thats a great idea! Alice said. So they went to the lolly shop and bought some raspberry drops and peppermint humbugs, then they went and sat outside the pub and daddy went to get some drinks, Presently daddy came back with some fizzy drinks for Alice and Polly and some cider for him and mummy. while they were quitley drinking a care came along and swereved out of direction heading for mrs Avery (who's husband owned the lolly shop). LOOK OUT! yelled Alice as she sprinted towards them! all of a sudden the car bashed in to one of the tall lights in front of the pub. Are you all right? asked Alice helping mrs Avery to her feet, I am perfectly fine thanks to you said mrs Aver. I'm bald that it missed you said Alice. people started runing over, including her father. Alice I know I should be cross with you. sorry daddy said Alice, but contined her father I couldent feel more pround! Alice hugged her father. After that the diver was taken to hospital with so serious damadge and Alice recieved a bike from mrs Avery. you saved the day Alice she said and so she had the end.

Cara, your story line was great too, but you spelt a lot of words wrong, and your punctuation wasn't so good. Considering that, you get….

Great job!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Important notice for all students!

Dear Students,
School will be starting up again over the next couple of weeks.
Please let me know if you are staying with us by the 26th of October.
Also, if any of your details (info on the student page.) have changed, please let me know by that date as well, so I can update them.
If you would like to send in a new picture for the page, please wait, because we will be having a special school picture day at the start of the year, along with photography tips and such to help you.
If you can't stay with us, or have not replied by the specified time, you will be taken off the student page and no longer considered a part of our school.
Thank you!
Miss Adeline

When you submit the form...

Hi there!
Just a note to anyone interested in submitting the form to enroll their doll(s), or who have done it before.
Please make sure to use the right email address, because I have had two people now who entered the wrong email address and it wouldn't send.
If you have enrolled any of your dolls and you haven't heard back from me, this is probably why. If this is you, and you're still interested, try submitting it again, but copy and paste the right email address in the box.
Thank you!
Miss Adeline

Friday, 9 May 2014


Hi there, and Welcome to Miss Adeline's School For Dolls!
Here you will find:
And many other fun school-related things to do with your dolls!
You will need to enroll your doll if you want to be able to submit homework and assignments, but if you just want to use this as a resource to homeschool your dolls, go ahead and print out the worksheets and other things we provide.
As I am still at school myself, and therefore don't have a lot of time, I may not post on here very often. But when I do, you can be sure it will be filled with fun things to make and do!
I will keep a separate page on this blog for past crafts and worksheets etc., so you don't have to flick through dozens of old posts to find what you're looking for, as well as a bulletin board with the latest news and updates.